COMPANY Overview

Founded 25 years ago Rashi Fincorp is a thriving integrated financial services provider that offers a wide range of product offerings including Equity Broking, Depository Services, NBFC Business, Secured Lending like LAS, LAP, Wealth Management. In the years to come, Rashi Fincorp endeavors to be a one stop shop for all kind of Wealth Management Solutions.

The Rashi's disciplined investment approach combined with rich experience and focused research provides for a traditional yet expansive platform, to support clients in creating wealth in a secure and comprehensive way.


To combine our financial expertise with disciplined investment approach and develop and deliver effective financial solutions to our clients, consistently outperforms our peers, produces superior returns for our shareholders, and provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our manpower.


To be seen as a Premier investment solution provider and be the most Reliable and Referred integrated financial service brand.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

Rashi Fincorp is committed to create a long term relationship combined with the ability to devise relevant financial and investment solutions to build a significant value for the clients. Strictly governed by ethical business practices, we aspire to attain business evolution with integrity, transparency and mutual trust.

We follow three golden tenets that determine the way we work, the quality of service we offer and the unsurpassed treatment one gets as our client, business partner or manpower.


We provide for a diverse and comprehensive investment platforms based on insights developed through the years of experience in Capital Markets and Wealth Management.


We aim to offer robust and systematic investment solutions that provide consistent and long-term value to our clients.


We are coherent and proactive in our approach towards wealth protection and wealth creation through vigorous quality and risk management systems that ensure efficiency.